BloggingRev a shortname for Blogging + Revenue , Bloggingrev.com domain was Registered On: 2021-04-09 We started this Blog with a Aim to make Bloggers,Digital marketers,Affiliate marketers and Advertisers Life easy by providing them with a Honest review , Best lists , Long informational , helpful Content , How to's and Guides.


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Iam OM HIWARE founder of Bloggingrev.com (Part time blogger,Freelancer,Web developer,Ad tech expert) My age is 17 Years and i manage Multiple Websites.A year ago while Surfing the Web i Found One could even make money online , as i was a tech savy person from the very beginning i started searching more about web developement taught myself structuring and programming languages from the available online resources.

I bought my very first Domain name and web hosting (with my own pocket money) on 15 Aug 2020 which cost me like 90$ to start my First blog i even wrote few blog posts and thought i would get thousands of visits now, Literally not even 20 people visited my blog which was really disappointing But i kept trying and learnt more about Seo,marketing and Advertising which turned out to be a great sucess i was able to drive 87k readers to one of my website .

I started freelancing and built more than 35 websites for clients . As of now my current montly income generated from all my blogs,freelancing and advertising agencies is $1450.

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