Clickadilla Review for publishers and advertisers 2021

Clickadilla review for publishers and advertisers 2021

ClickAdilla is a premiuim self serving Advertising network for both Advertisers and publishers started in 2017 which serves more than 4.5+ billion traffic / day 

Below are some acheivements of Clickadilla

Serves More than 4.5+billion traffic
Covers 240+ Geos
15,000+ Advertisers
10+ advertising formats

Clickadilla review for Publishers

Clickadilla is a one stop solution for advertisers to drive Traffic,sales and conversions . Also clickadilla can turn out to be a good adsense alternative for publishers . Clickadilla has a straight forward signup process and no minimum traffic requirement however you will need to have some high quality content.

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How to get started as a publisher
Follow the below steps to start using clickadilla ads to monitise your website.
Register for publisher account here
Clickadilla has a simple to follow and register steps , you can create your own publisher account within 2 minutes
Create Tag
You dont need any approval from clickadilla means instant monitisation
Create Spots
Spots are the Ad types you want to show on your website (popunder,native,Banner etc)
Copy paste the Tag code
You just have to paste the tag script code thats all,no need to paste ad codes for different types of ad formats you can enable or disable AD type by toggle button, its soo easy

Speciality of Clickadilla 

Clickadilla specializes in monitising both mainstream and adult traffic , Majority of their publishers are adult/tube website owners .Clickadilla has more Ad formats than any other ad network (10 ad formats)

ClickAdilla Ad formats
Web Push ads
Popunder ads
Banner Ads
Full page interstial ads
In page push
Native Ads
Gallery ads
Direct links
IOS calender ads
in-stream ads
Clickadilla For publishers
Click on the Join now button if you want to join clickadilla as a webmaster/publisher

If you have a good amount of traffic on your website you can make a good revenue through clickadilla as a publisher you have many benefits like 24/7 live support chat (usually replies within 5 minutes) , Many ad formats , High CPCM upto $45 through their most popular web push ad format . CPCM stands for cost per thousand clicks .

ClickAdilla works on Cpc/Cpm basis some of their ad units works on cpm model and others on cpc model

CPC : Cost per click , You get paid whenever a visitor clicks on the ads 

Clickadilla has a unique metric CPCM which is cost per thousand ad clicks you will be able to see this in your publishers dashboard reports .

CPM : Cost per Mile , You get paid whenever a vistors views the ads displayed on your website

Suppose you get 40,000 page views and placed 4 ads with a cpm $1 you would make $160 . Revenue = cpm x ad impressions/1000.

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Websites that works best with Clickadilla

  • Dating
  • App download
  • Desktop download
  • E-commerce
  • Games 
  • Dating & Webcam offers
  • Sweepstakes
  • Gambling & Betting
  • Adult Nutra
  • Mobile subscriptions
  • Software & Mobile utilities
  • Crypto

If your website falls under this categories you must give clickadilla a try.

The Advertisement quality is also good you can filter ads and allow or disallow adult or mainstream ads while creating an ad spot.You can also use clickadilla ads on News sites/mainstream sites the In page ads have a very high ctr and you can also add a popunder ad intergration to your In page ad which will boost your revenue .

Clickadilla Cpm and Cpc rates

CPM model based ads : Popunder,Banner,web push,in stream ads,Tab link,intrestial,Ios calender and native ads

CPC model based ads : In page and Content feed

Clickadilla has good cpm and cpc rates for United kingdom,Chile,France.Ukrain,New zealand,Philippines,India and more developed countries , You can expect a CPCM of $5-$60 and a CPM about $0.1-$2 , Japan and Poland has a popunder cpm rates of $1.9-$2.

Which Ad format is best

All the ad formats clickadilla provides are good enough to generate preety good revenues.But the highest bidded and most demanded Ad formats are Popunders,In stream video and In page ads,They also have a huge ad inventory which directly means high fill rates (upto 100% ad requests) .You can also try out all the other ad formats and find out which one best suits your traffic and make the highest revenue , it only takes 1 minute to enable or disable an ad format, you dont need to change the code everytime just paste the tag script code once and thats all .

Detailed Statistics

Clickadilla offers detailed statistics to their publishers with many filters like coutry,ad type,placement,date and many more

Referral program

You can earn extra bucks by referring webmasters and advertisers to join and use clickadilla , 2% lifetime comission for webmasters and 5% for advertisers ad spendings.

Minimum withdraw and Payment methods

  • Bitcoin – $50 , fees – 3%
  • Capitalist – $50 , fees – 1%
  • Paxum – $50 , fees – 1$
  • Paypal – 250 , fees – 4%
  • Web money – $50 , fees – 1%
  • Wire transfer – $500 , fees – 50$

Clickadilla review for advertisers

Clickadilla For Advertisers
Click on the Join now button if you want to join clickadilla as a Advertiser/affiliate marketer

Clickadilla is a good option for advertisers and affiliate marketers to generate sales,conversions and make money through it . Moreover the minimum bid is also low meaning you can drive huge amount of traffic with minimum ad budget spend , Clickadilla provides advertisers many tools and a great technology to ease their work .

Some great features of clickadilla that are beneficial for advertisers:

  • Minimum bid starts at $0.001
  • Knowledge base and video tutorials 
  • 10 Ad formats
  • Traffic chart with minimum bid price and inventory 
  • Smart cpm campaigns
  • Cpa campaigns 
  • 24/7 live support chat
  • low cpm and cpc
  • Real human traffic 
  • real time bidding

This are some of the benefits that makes Clickadilla a great choice for advertisers . Advertisers also have a detailed statistics with conversion tracking and more filters and tools

Clickadilla banner ad sizes : Desktop & Tablet (300×250, 315×300, 728×90, 160×600,
Web Mobile (300×100, 300×250, 315×300, 900×250)
In-App Mobile (300×50, 300×250, 320×480, 320×50, 728×90)

among this banners 720×90 and 300×250 are mostly used by both advertisers and publishers

Clickadilla Tracking Options

Tracking is really necessary for any type of ad campaign on the web , clickadilla provides its advertisers with the most advance tracking options 

  • Languages
  • Device type (desktop, mobile, tablet, game console and others)
  • Device vendors
  • Connection Types (LAN or Mobile Network)
  • Carriers
  • OS
  • Browsers
  • IP2 location types
  • IP Ranges
  • and many more


Clickadilla is a constantly improving Ad network , If you are looking for the best ad network as a publisher to monitise your website or advertiser to buy real traffic at low prices clickadilla turns out to be a good option when your website falls under the above listed categories . Hope this clickadilla review helps

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