how to start a blog and make moneyThis is a complete step by step guide on ”How to start a Blog and make money online” By Om Hiware. Below are some of the benefits of this guide .

  • Beginner friendly (Easy to understand)
  • Bonus Offers (save) worth $100 on Hosting and themes
  • Complete Guide 7k+ words 
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So are you interested to start a blog that makes money in 2021 then you are on the correct place, Just keep reading this guide for the next 30 minutes, I promise you after reading this whole guide carefully with interest you will be able to start a blog that makes money in the upcoming months.

Before starting this guide, here are some benefits of blogging and why should you start blogging ?

Benefits of Blogging

  • You can make money blogging
  • A Good Carrier 
  • Always theirs something to learn
  • Improves writing and thinking skills

You can also start a blog yourself without Any programming skills it's super easy to start a blog today thanks to the technology, Their are a huge benefits of blogging the reason majority of Top Companies,bussinesses and a lot of people owns a blog and you should too .

Famous Blogs and their income that will make you crazy

  • The huffington post
    Monthly income : $2,330,000
  • Tech cunch

    Monthly income : $800,000

The amount of money they make from their blog is really huge and requires a lots of hard work and dedication.If you have a passion of writing something, or have a knowledge of something unique that people would love to read and get informed about then you must start a blog .

Below are the Modules of this guide ”How to start a blog in 2021 step by step guide” by Om Hiware

Table of Content

How to start a blog in 2021 and make money -
How to start a blog and make money –

1.Selecting a Niche for your blog

Selecting niche for your blog

Niche In the simple words means the Topic of your Blog, selecting a niche clearly means the selection of Topic on which you will be blogging about .

Why would I select a topic man when I can blog about anything?

You can blog about anything but everyday 7 million blog posts are published so it's better to choose a piece of this marketing rather than whole of it, The niche must be chosen carefully as a lot of bloggers fails only because they choose a wrong niche and are not able to write something new on that topic or they don't expertise that topic.

Selection of niche should be done by ensuring the Profit, Traffic and Your expertise in that niche.Traffic in the digital language means the amount of users visiting your site.

 Types of Niche

Broad niche: The niche is huge and covering a big topic within itself example : Education is a broad niche as it covers a lots of topics within itself blogs niche is Technology and they publish almost everything that comes under .

Micro niche: This niche is small and covers a specific Topic example : Mathematics tutorials for 6 standard is a micro niche that only focuses on maths for 6 standard kids.

Multi-niche: Multiple niche is covered by a single site usually personal sites example : Cooking + travel + cars everything on a single blog seems to be unprofessional right!

So which niche is better among the above types

Broad niche covers a huge topic and also receives a large number of visitors that makes good profit but they are difficult to cover because theirs competition among almost all the niche.Broad niche are easy to start but requires some time to get the results .This is a highly profitable type of niche.

Micro niche are very easy to focus and shows faster results than broad niche as you will be targeting a small piece of market but they are highly targeted.usally micro niche blogs shows faster results in short time.but the draw back of this niche type is it's limited as you will be focusing on a little group of people and only that people will be visiting your blog that ultimately limits your blog 

So have you decided which type of niche to choose, I suggest to choose a broad or a micro niche according to your expertise in that topic.And don't go with multiple niche as you will end up disappointed receiving no traffic and no money because it's always better to focus on one thing.

Choosing a Niche

Choosing a niche seems to be very easy but be a little careful and keep in the mind this 3 Factors

  • Your experience and expertise in the topic
  • The popularity of topic 
  • Profit in the topic

The first factor you should consider is your experience in the topic(niche) you are going to choose, As you should have enough knowledge on that topic so that you will be able to write blog without searching for hours .

The second most important factor is the popularity of that niche , You are going to write blog for people , what if theirs no one really interested in reading your blog it's just a waste of time for you.So always select a niche that is popular enough so people will find it out. You can use buzzsumo to find out the popularity of topic .

Majority of bloggers aim to make huge money from their blogs, So try to choose a highly profitable niche or a medium profitable niche so that you get the maximum amount of money from your blog.

Hope you would have find a niche for your blog, But hold on there's a lot more to learn so keep reading.

2.Choosing Best Cms for your site

Choosing a best cms for my site

There are a dozens of Cms (content management system) available on the internet so which is the best pick for your Blog/site?

A Cms makes it easier for anyone to build and manage site with easy without knowing to code a single line.Lets compare the best Cms .

WordPress is a free open source Cms used by 37.8% of site owners, bloggers and is the most loved cms among all the available one's, However you need a hosting and domain name for using .Wordpress has 50,000+ plugins and thousands of Themes that helps make your work easy , most of them are free .

  • Free and open source Cms ,Easy to use and Search engine friendly with a lots of Addons ,plugins and themes
  • You have a full control over your site from Seo,protection to security everything is in your hands.
  • You need a Custom domain and Hosting to use WordPress. is a choice of Millions of bloggers and professionals that can’t be wrong ,people gets confuse among and but they are different is another cms that I don’t recommend because of its limited features.


wix is another Cms which has both a free and paid plan ,However free plan comes with a ugly domain with wix branding and a paid plan is good but is the best

  • Beginners friendly drag and drop site builder
  • Easy to use
  • free plan Sucks with Wix branding and (example) domain name 
  • paid plan is limited you have to pay more to use all the features
  • less customisable options and less features
  • no plugins and themes like 
  • You are limited 

with a lot of cons I recommend you not to go with wix as you will surely return to again if you are a serious blogger.


Blogger is a free cms owned by Google that allows users to create blogs ,however you can use a custom domain name and also go with a free (example) domain name ,Like wix blogger is also owned by some company and we don’t own the blog and if you restrict some policy they will instantly delete your blog so it’s better to be your own boss and go with it’s a non profit organisation so you are purely the owner of your blog

  • Free and Easy to use for extreme beginners
  • Good platform for those who don’t have a passion for blogging
  • Good for those who just want to waste time writing some stuff that have a very little chances of getting seen on google.
  • Limited fetures and less options to customise blog appearance 
  • You don’t own your blog 

A lot of bloggers suggest readers to first go with blogger and then switch to but really it waste a lots of your time so I recommend you to go with WordPress.

3.Domain name and hosting

Choosing a domain name and hosting for your site

Choosing a Domain name and hosting is an important part while starting a blog.

Domain name

Domain name: The name that people will type in browser to visit your Blog, If your site/blog is the house then Domain name is the address for that house.example: is my Blogs domain name usually browsers encodes it like where .com is the domain extension for my blog. I suggest you to use a Top level Domain extension like .com or .net .As they are generic domain extensions search engines shows your site globally.

  • .com : Top level Generic domain extension (suggested for everyone)
  • .org : Top level domain extension (suggested for organisations especially none profit)
  • .tech : Top level Domain extension (Recommended for tech geeks and related industry)

You should choose a domain name that is short, related to your niche, Easy to remember 

You can check out That if your desired Domain name is available or already taken from the below Domain name checker tool.

Already decided to buy your Domain name ! Wait we have a Amazing offer for our readers .You will get a free Domain name for 12 months keep reading to know how?


Hosting: Hosting is a server that works 24/7 all the times, This is the server where your sites files like HTML pages, images, videos, etc should be stored in order to make a fully functional blog that visitors can access whenever they need.This is a house for your blog.

Hosting are of many types

  • Shared Hosting: The resources of a server are shared among many users at the same time, shared hosting are cheap and beginner friendly.
  • Vps : Virtual private server , where you will be using a part of a server with dedicated resources for your site,Recommended for professionals 
  • Dedicated hosting: The whole server is dedicated for you.full access to resources and usually recommended for huge companies , This hosting costs more. 

So you may have chosen a domain name but what about hosting which one is best ?

We have researched for hours and found out the best Among all , we have also partnered with the hosting company to provide you Discount on your Purchase with free Domain name for a year.

Bluehost Hosting Benefits 

  • Free Domain name for a year
  • Cheapest price (no competition)
  • 24/7 expert live support
  • Free Ssl and Cdn 
  • Recommended by
  • Used by almost all the professional bloggers
  • One of the oldest And most trusted Hosting companies

Bluehost is the best Hosting company for beginners and growing sites with 15+ years of experience that makes them better than any other web hosting.Bluehost has been also recommend by , Most of the beginners looks for a budget friendly, fast, 24/7 support and Bluehost is the one that are you looking for .

Bluehost pricing plan

Bluehost Basic shared hosting plan is Awesome that comes with 50GB sdd (it's more than enough for any blog) The Basic shared hosting will cost you $7.99 / month But if you purchase through our special link you get the same hosting at a price of  $3.95/month .Thats a very cheap investment that you will make and may probably be the best investment that will return you thousands of dollars.

Ssd: The solid state drive is simply the Amount of storage you can use on that hosting package

Bandwith : The amount of data transferred by your site,Example: A blog post of 1mb if visited by 1000 users then your site consumes 1000 mb of bandwidth.

Bluehost also provides their users a free domain name with the hosting package so let’s see how to buy Domain and hosting 

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Select the Basic plan by clicking on the Select button.Then you will land on a page where you need to select a Domain name , choose your domain name and extension that you are going to use for your Blog.

Choose domain in bluehost -

You can also use a Domain you already own by pointing it's nameservers to bluehost or skip this process and choose later.Here in the above image omhiware is the Domain name and .com is the domain extension .

Filling form in bluehost as a

You need to fill all the above information correctly in the form and then choose the plan for your your account 12,24,36 months .The longer your plan is the better it is , because if you choose a shorter plan then you need to pay for the renewal price after the expiry , I recommend you to buy Hosting for at least for 2-3 years so that you save more

Bluehost domain and hosting

Uncheck all the unnecessary addons , Remember to add a domain privacy + protection addon because 30,000 new websites are hacked everyday so it's Better to spend a $0.99/month than loosing whole of your site, mostly hackers target new sites and hijack them .

Completing purchase by adding a credit card or other payment method

The last step is to complete your purchase , You can use Credit card or Paypal to pay for the purchase.The payment process is simple and fast , As soon as your order is confirmed by the bluehost you will receive an email invoice and now you will be having an access to Bluehost dashboard from where you need to manage your site.

Get 60% discount on Bluehost

To activate the 60% discount on your hosting purchase click on the activate offer button and you will be taken to the offer page .

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4.Installing WordPress on your site

Installing WordPress on site

If you are using Bluehost they automatically installs wordpress to make your work simpler.You just need to login into your WordPress account on clicking on “login into WordPress” or you can also type to login into your WordPress dashboard.Once you enter login email/user-name and password you are all set and WordPress is ready to use.

Now let me introduce you to wordpress dashboard and options available.Your WordPress admin dashboard will be similar to the one in the below image

Wordpress empty dashboard image

Post : All the blog posts you write can be found in the posts section from the admin dashboard.You can use this section to add a new post,delete existing one(s)and categorise them quickly.

Media: All your images ,videos,gif and other files you will be using can be found here in the media section.You can add new files,delete or bulk delete old ones and you can also change the title and alt text for any image by clicking on it.

pages : Pages like Homepage,about us ,contact and privacy page can be found here.similar to the posts section 

Comments: You can view,reply,approve/disapprove ,edit,mark as spam or delete the comment from this section.Makes it easier to manage comments in a single place.

Appearance : Important section ,It has all the settings and options that will affect directly/indirectly to your blogs design.You can add new theme to your site,Manage widgets and menus and edit the theme through this section.

Plugins: This section manages all the plugin used by your blog,You can install,deactivate,activate or bulk delete plugins.

Users: If you are a single author for your Blog leave this section is of no use to you as it manages the users and their roles on the site.You can add new users,give them a role and they will have accesibilty according o roles.A administrator has full acces to all the content and admin settings but a subscriber has only limited access to the site content like public blog posts and pages.

Tools : This is a section for some import/export and conversions ,You can import your whole site from popular cms to WordPress.

Settings: This is another important section that has settings like blog identity,Permalinks,that I will show you in the next module .

WordPress Themes and Plugins

So basically what are the WordPress themes and plugins ?how you can use them to make your blog/site look professional? 

Let me answer this question first

WordPress Theme: Theme is a set of Files including stylesheets, CSS, PHP pages and javascript that together determines the layout, design and structure of your blog/site, The theme directly affects the frontend users who visits your site, Themes are available in a .zip format which can be free downloaded or purchased from various repositories and online stores.Themes once installed and activated do their work in a proper way, All the themes have customisable setting which means one can design the theme in the desired way with the available settings.

WordPress Plugins: Plugins are the set of coded files including PHP, CSS, java that adds more functionality to your site or enhance/update the existing ones .In simple words WordPress plugins are like the building blocks of your site which adds up more function to the site , The plugin are a .zip compressed files which must be installed and activated in your self hosted WordPress in order to work.

Theme determine and manage the external look of your site whereas plugin determine the internal or external functions of your site.

You can use only 1 Theme and Many plugins on your WordPress site, However I recommend you to choose the best theme that suits your site at the beginning only and it's not recommended to change your theme frequently .

So Which are the Best themes Recommended and fits in my budget?

Some people Are in a crazy hurry and they just install any Theme that’s usually free and it’s a really bad decision , As it harms your site more than you think in the following ways

  • Low conversion rate
  • Seo disadvantages 
  • Usually Bad design and less customisable features

There are a lots of free themes on WordPress directory but However paid themes have a lots of more features and functions than free ones.My suggestion is to spend a few dollars on the best themes and plugins rather than loosing search engine Ranking and hundreds of Dollars.

The below listed themes are fully packed with features that will make your blog look awesome and moreover they are fully customizable.

Divi Theme

Divi theme review by

No matter what is your blog about Divi is perfect for you , By the virtual page building it becomes easiest way to build a blog at the comparatively low time along with no compromises on your site, You can make anything in anyway Divi is the #1 recommended theme for everyone , Millions of WordPress bloggers are already using and loving it .

Divi theme license comes with a lots of benefits like Extra theme (magazine theme), Bloom (email opt in plugin ) and monarch (social sharing plugin )totally free of cost.

The Divi Yearly access bundle is really worth the money and you won't regret it after using divi.

Wait I have a great surprise for you : Get 10% off on Divi Theme

To activate the discount you need to click on the link below 

Astra (pro) Theme

Astra theme review by

Astra is a super fast, light weight and full featured theme , Astra can be used to make Blog, E commerce store, magazine, portfolio and many more, Astra is used by 1,000,000+ users world wide .Many successful WordPress bloggers recommend Astra because of its speed and integration with almost all the plugins.With the Astra theme you have unlimited possibilities and being a SEO friendly theme it means you have good possibility to rank your blog posts on Search engines

Avada (#1 selling ) Theme

Avada theme review by

The avada Theme is the #1 selling theme on Themeforest with more than 655k+ sales .The Avada theme has maintained to be on #1 position from 8 years , The theme offers a visual avada page builder that is just amazing and additional premium plugins are offered free for the avada buyers.This theme has a deep integration with many of the best plugins like woocommerce .The theme has a detailed documentation guides and video tutorial that will help you understand and customize the theme your way.

Generate Press (premium)

Generate press theme review by

Generatepress theme is considered the fastest theme available with the page size of 50kb that is super light weight , Being a lightening fast theme it has all the features that a premium theme should have like customizable header & footer, widget sidebar, colour, typography, layout and importable demo content and styles.Generate press theme costs Only $59 for a single license that can be used on 500 sites whether for you or your clients.Its super affordable and a great theme, Overall it's recommended for everyone .Generate press has a free theme too with a huge restrictions  .So I recommend to go with Generate press premium version 

Newspaper Theme

Newspaper theme review by

Newspaper theme is highly recommended for those who are planning to start a news, magazine, or daily updates site .This theme has a lots of features that makes this theme the best selling news theme .Comes with a tagdiv composer which makes your work easy to customise everything on your site .This theme is used by thousands of site owners 

Must Have WordPress Plugins for Begineers

Contact Form 7(free)

Contact form 7 plugin review by

Contact form is a 100% free plugin that is helpful for adding a contact form to your wordpress site with a great ease.Once you add the contact form settings and everything is set. whenever a user fills up the contact form all the information he/she filled inside it reaches to your mailbox.You can also customize the required fields and contact form.

Yoast SEO plugin(Free)

Yoast SEO plugin review by

Yoast SEO is a must have plugin for search engine optimisation , The plugin optimizes you site and blog posts to get indexed and  rank on Google .This helps to get more traffic on your site which parallelly means more revenue , The plugin is available in both free and paid version , Free version comes with a lots of restriction and paid version is awesome and help you rank even better on Sech engines.


Jetpack  plugin review by

Jetpack guard your site so you can run your site or business. Jetpack Security provides easy-to-use, comprehensive WordPress site security including auto real-time backups and easy restores, malware scanning, and spam protection. Essential features like brute force protection and downtime / uptime monitoring are free.


Updraft plugin review by bloggers-mind.comHaving a backup of your is very important .When you have a backup of your site you can focus on the work without any worry if you make a mistake or your site gets hacked.So always ensure to take a full backup of your site latest once a month.

UpdraftPlus, the world’s most trusted WordPress backup, restore and clone plugin .Trusted by 3 million + WordPress users is the best plugin in this category which has the best options to backup, restore and clone site.its far better than any of their competitors.The free plan however have a lots of restrictions but their paid plan is great and have addons which make it just awesome.

Bloom (optin plugin )

Bloom email opt in  plugin review by

Bloom is a marvelous email opt- in plugin which collects email from your visitors/readers.The plugin has a deep integration with many email crm and email marketing solutions.Like MailChimp, mailster and sendinblue.We are currently using Bloom on to collect emails from visitors and turn them into leads.With my experience it is the easiest optin solutions available .You can see demos and buy the plugin from the link below.

5.Setup Some Important settings and Pages 

Important setting and pages to setup on a new blog

There are some important settings and pages that you must setup on your new blog to be on the safe side and avoid any search engine penalties.

Below is a Quick Checklist of the setting and important pages.

General settings

WordPress admin > settings > General . On this page you need to setup your Sites name, tag line and sites language .My suggestion : Write all your sites content in a single language and don’t mix two language it may lead to a penalty .

Reading settings

WordPress admin > settings > reading . Here set the Homepage as a static post,You can also change the blog posts page.
For each post in a feed,include: set it to summary 

Make sure that The last option in the reading settings page is not checked as it discourages your site from showing up in search engine ,This will be a total disaster if checked by mistake .

Permalinks structure

Permalinks structure is the structure for your whole Sites url,You must set up a Seo friendly Permalinks .

Permalinks structure in WordPress -

The best and Seo friendly url is so tick the post name Permalinks structure and save all the settings.

Some Important pages

Before you start writing blog posts , You must have some important pages on your site that are: 

  • Privacy-policy page
  • About us page
  • Contact us page

This pages are really important for any kind of site/blog

privacy policy page gives an idea to the visitors about the privacy policy on your site like how you use their personal information,cookies you use,third parties with whom you share user information etc.The privacy policy page will be already available in your page section as a draft page you must upgrade and publish it.

About us page will be one of the most visited pages of your site as your readers would love to know about you.So make sure you have a about us page well designed .

Contact us page is a must have page , You can setup a contact us page by adding a contact form to a page you can use contact form 7 (free plugin) .This will help your readers,advertisers and willing business partners to reach out and contact you .

Hey ! Are you enjoying the guide , keep reading as I know you are passionate about blogging because you reached the milestone of completing 5 modules .

6.Writing Your First Blog post

How to write your first blog post

Writing your first Blog post seems to be tempting when you write it for the first time.
cool down don’t hurry up here are a few tips that you can implement in your first blog post to make it awesome.

  • Be Clear and confident
  • Focus on the main topic of the post
  • Add images,videos and interactive elements 
  • Interact with the readers
  • Encourage them for writing a comment
  • Avoid grammar mistakes

Lets look at the mistakes that beginners make and how to avoid those mistakes.

Be Clear about what your writing and for whom you are writing,The biggest mistake a some folks make is they write any thing unrelatable or unnecessary in the post only because they are in a flow ,However before starting i suggest to make a plan on what’s your post about and for whom you are writing? Make sure you have/or gathered enough information because a majority of your readers will be visiting your blog to get some knowledge about something or finding a product review.So make sure you add enough value to your post.

Make sure you add at least 1 image to your post ,Because it makes your blog post look attractive ,makes your content look longer and Boosts your social shares and increase your overall growth.

Blog post doesnot only mean a long text but it should be beautiful too .Images speak a thousand words remember it.

Interacting with your readers is important as you well , It helps gathering a loyal readers and followers ,So keep interacting In a correct way without irritating them.

Lastly at the end of the blog post you can encourage the readers to give a feedback by commenting or by asking them a question.This will definitely increase your interaction with readers and comments also builds a trust for new readers .

By applying all the above tips on your first blog post will definitely give you a sweet result.

Hey , don’t hurry up it’s not as easy as you write posts > get readers and make money it’s a bit difficult but don’t worry Iam your Buddy and will help you out.

Keep reading the next modules they are the most important ones .

7.Promote your Blog

How to promote your blog to get more traffic

This is the module 7 of this guide “Start a blog and make money online” .
You need to put equal efforts in both writing posts and promoting the same.It’s necessary for the new bloggers to promote their blog on social media and advertising to gather audience and make your blog succesful.

Their are several Ways to promote your blog we will discuss a few best promotional methods .

Social media

Social media is rapidly growing and millions of people are already using it on a daily basis ,Now it’s your turn to make a social media presence for your blog there’s no right way to do it ,everyone gets their own success in the unique way.figure out which social media would be the best fit for your content and niche ,A few bloggers use all social media on the other hand some use only one or two so it’s your choice to make a decision.

The list of Social media 

  • Facebook : Facebook is the biggest social media platform both for users and businesses so you can find targeted audience ,So no matter what’s your blog niche you can have a Facebook page.
  • YouTube : YouTube is largest video sharing platform ,People use youtube to get information,find product reviews and find how to guides.YouTube is just perfect for everyone.
  • Quora : Quora is a question and answer platform , That has a answer for almost all the question that made possible because of the quora users,This can be a huge source of traffic for your blog when used smartly.
  • Pinterest : Pinterest is a social media dedicated for image sharing,Its easy to use and many of my friend bloggers are driving huge traffic to their blog as I already said image says a thousand words so probably their would be a alot of people who can find your image helpful and might share it.
  • Twitter:Twitter seems to be a social media for mature people that repost some stuff ,so you can try your luck on Twitter 
  • Instagram : Instagram is a social media for young users that just wanna waste their time scrolling memes and watching videos.Majority of Instagram audience is young and their chances of visiting your blog are very very less.unless your content is made for youth Instagram is not a good choice for you.

Promoting your blog to drive traffic requires patience and social media marketing skills though remember social media if used in a correct way can make your blog rapidly grow within a few months.

Guest Post

Guest post is a way to drive traffic to your blog by writing a blog post(s) for other websites/blogs This method is one of the best practices for Ranking on search engines like google ,In guest posting you write post for other blogs and get link to your blog in return so in this way you can write guest posts for High authority websites and drive traffic to your blog .

Email Marketing

Email marketing in simple words : You collect emails of your readers by adding a email opt-in form in the sidebar or as a pop up > You make automations emails or regularly send emails > They visit your blog.This subscribed readers are the loyal readers of your blog .You can use Bloom email optin plugin which makes it really simpler moreover this plugin is free when you buy a divi Theme plan.

You can send email on topics like : what’s new on your blog , secret content etc and you can convert that visitors into money that you will learn in the module 9 so keep reading .


Yes heard it right,Many bloggers use paid advertising as a source of traffic and also to increase the blogs reach by advertising on Facebook,Google ads etc you will get targeted audience visiting your blog.Advertisement is definitely worth trying if you have some products to sell on your blog (own or affiliate)

Extra Bonus tip: Join forum sites related to your niche and help people by answering their question and smartly link the answer to your site.In this way you get very targeted readers.

8.Search Engine Optimisation (Seo)

How to do search engine optimisation Seo for your blog posts
How to do search engine optimisation Seo for your blog posts

In this Modern world where 4 million blog posts are regularly published and Search engine is the biggest source of traffic for almost all the websites.
It seems to be technically stuff , but it’s necessary to make your site search engine ready 

What is Seo?

Seo (search engine optimisation) is a method that makes your website’s Rank higher in Serp(search engine page result) to get organic traffic means the traffic from the search engines like google,bing,duck duck go etc.

Why Seo is necessary ?

On an average 5.4 billion searches are made everyday on google imagine getting a very little portion can massively grow your site.
Users search a term through search engine > search result page > user visits the site accordingly.

To rank your blog on Serp you need to make it Seo friendly there are a lot of factors and algorithms that google uses to rank a blog post or page .I will teach you the most important factors to implement on your blog to rank on search engines and get huge amount of traffic.
Always Have a goal to rank on 1st position on first page of the SERP as the lower your ranking the less are your chances that the user visits your blog.

White hat vs Black hat Seo

Basically there are two types of Seo white hat and black hat Seo 

white hat Seo : This is done by implementing Seo best practices without any misuse of any factor and policy violation of google’s algorithms .

Black Hat Seo : Usually done by frustrated site owners that are unable to rank on SERP ,To get massive readers to your site you should have patience and skills. Black hat Seo is done by spamming or fooling the search engine ,Remember this may result in penalising your website which will stop search engines to show your website in Serp.

Keyword Research 

The word that the people will type in search engines to find the result pages, Almost 91% of the blogs posts get no traffic from search engines ,The major reason is no or wrong keyword research .You need to find a keyword and rank at the 1st position for that you will need a keyword research tool like google’s keyword planner which is a free tool which is recommended for beginners .

Seed keyword : Cycling

Long tail keyword : Best disk brakes for Gear cycles

The seed keywords are difficult to rank with a huge amount of searches ,whereas the long tail keywords are easy to rank with a medium or low amount of searches.

Tip: As a begineer try Ranking your blog post on low competitive keyword 

On Page Seo

On page Seo means optimising your page content for search engines , On-page Seo’s major factors are 

  • Focus keyword in Title,content and alt text
  • Internal linking 
  • content length and readability 
  • Slug,Heading and meta description 
  • And many more

Yoast Seo plugin is a complete solution for all your on-page Seo needs moreover it is also available in a free version with a little less features But their premium plugin is what you will need to rank 1st A majority of succesful WordPress bloggers uses Yoast Seo plugin.

Off page Seo

Off page Seo means all the optimisation and best practices that you perform to enhance your search ranking 

Factors that boosts your Ranking in search engine ranking(off-page)

  • Backlinks
  • Social media

Backlinks Nowadays plays a vital role for ranking any blog post at the first position ,Backlinks are the links you make when someone links to your site .Backlinks is a factor that tells the search engines that this is a trustworthy and safe site and you could rank it at the top of the result page it’s a kind of relation building in this blogging world.

Tip : Build quality Do follow Backlinks from the authority sites in your niche and never build low quality backlinks that are usually marked as spammy links 

Social media can be a good source of traffic for your blog at the same time it can also be a factor that enhances your web search ranking ,The more amount of social shares you get the better it is for your site’s off page profile.

You can use Ahrefs which is a free tool to keep a track on your sites backlink profile.

9.Make money from your Blog

Making money from blog ,make money blogging

How much money a blogger earns ?

A few bloggers are making a million dollars each month ($1m+/month) And some make less than $1000/month .

Earning potential of a blogger depends on many factors like the amount of time and money he invests. Creativity and smartness are very essential for a blogger.

Passion in blogging will definitely help you succeed in this Blogging community.

The owner of Tech crunch Michael Arrington makes $800,000 per month ,isn't it awesome .Tech crunch is a tech niche blog and publishes everything related to technology on their blog.

This was just an example to inspire you and drive your attention that blogging is a highly profitable businesses with a lots of benefits

  • You are your own boss
  • Flexible time of work 
  • Highly profitable business (passive income)
  • A lots of Ways to make money
  • Recognition

I will teach you how to make money blogging and the different ways to earn a passive income blogging


When it comes to making money from your blog adsense is the widely used method by millions of website owners , Adsense is a website monitisation platform owned by Google . What all you have to do is just paste a single piece of code on to your website and the advertisement will be displayed , whenever a user clicks the ad on your blog you make money.Its a easy way to earn a passive income from your blog without spending a lot of time .You may earn 0.02-10 $ per single click on ad.

Adsense Is far better than any of the ad network available on internet.You need to get approved to start showing adsense ad on your site.only a 5% (approximately ) of sites are approved by googleadsense.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is becoming more popular day by day, bloggers are making thousand of dollars $$ by affiliate marketing.

In affiliate marketing you promote a product or service of a reputed company whenever a user purchase that product/service through a special link generally called a affiliate link you get paid for it.usually the companies pay 5%-90% of sales amount to the affiliates.

This is a highly profitable method and requires skills to generate passive income.

Affiliate marketing is getting more and more famous nowadays , A majority of the blogs use Affiliate marketing as a main stream of income .

You recommend products > your visitors purchase products/services from your affiliate link > You get paid for it 

Selling Digital Goods

This is another highly profitable method that you can use to make passive money online from your blog.

You need a certain amount of traffic to generate sales from your online store that you can set up easily within your blog.

You can sell any digital products like ebooks, courses, meetings, trainings etc, and charge money in exchange for this services.You need to drive some traffic to your site and promote your product whether on your own site or advertise it.

Example: 100000 users visit your site and among those 1% of users purchase your products that costs 5$(dollars), For that you will make 5000$ that's a pretty good amount .You can create video courses and sell them for even higher prices like 100$-700$ .

Firstly build up the trust among your readers and keep publishing amazing content on your blog.

Membership and private groups

Even this methods works awesome and a few cool humans are making $100k+ with the membership sites .

Basically you will charge your users to get access to your exclusive content and groups.You can charge any amount that you think is affordable by your users.You should build up a huge audience and trust among the users that they really wish and purchase the membership for your site.

You don't need to transform your whole site, their are WordPress plugins available to help you make this task super easy and quick.

Selling Advertising space

This is another cool way to monetize your blog , You can sell a fixed space of your blog to the advertisers that are interested to advertise on your blog. This methods needs a huge traffic and a loyal readers that will attract the advertisers to spend more to get their ad displayed.However this is not something that will work for a newly started blog or a site with low traffic .The very first aim of the blogger should be to create some great content > promote it and lastly monitize your content in any of the way to make money in such a way that it does not annoy your readers and you make money out of it.

You can sell the ad space yourself or use some advertisement sites that finds advertisers for your site .one such as site is and a plugin that makes the whole process of maintaining custom ads and advertising networks ads with a sense compatibility is adsanity.I myself use this as management plugin to make life easy , This plugin boosted

our revenue by 20% within the first month.You can check out the plugin by clicking here

Sponsored posts and paid reviews

A huge number of bloggers are making handsome money by writing a sponsored posts and paid review for a company or a product.They will provide the content or ask you to write for them and pay you anywhere between $10-$3000 for each post.This is a super efficient method for making money blogging .You must give a try to it, Site with more domain authority and high traffic are first choice for the company and blogs with low traffic are likely to receive no or less paying sponsored posts.

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