How to start a blog in 30 minutes (Complete step by step guide)

How to start a blog in 30 minutes (Complete step by step guide)

This is a complete step by step guide on ”How to start a Blog in 30 minutes and build an extra source of income professionally” By Om Hiware. Below are some of the benefits of this guide .

  • Beginner friendly (Easy to understand)
  • Bonus Offers (save) worth $100 on Hosting and themes
  • Complete Guide 7k+ words 
  • Best Guide available on internet on ”How to start a blog and make money”

So are you interested to start a blog that makes money in 2021 then you are on the correct place, Just keep reading this guide for the next 30 minutes, I promise you after reading this whole guide carefully with interest you will be able to start a blog that makes money in the upcoming months.

Before starting this guide, here are some benefits of blogging and why should you start blogging ?

Benefits of Blogging

  • You can make money blogging
  • A Good Carrier 
  • Always theirs something to learn
  • Improves writing and thinking skills

You can also start a blog yourself without Any programming skills it's super easy to start a blog today thanks to the technology, Their are a huge benefits of blogging the reason majority of Top Companies,bussinesses and a lot of people owns a blog and you should too .

Famous Blogs and their income that will make you crazy

  • The huffington post
    Monthly income : $2,330,000
  • Tech cunch

    Monthly income : $800,000

The amount of money they make from their blog is really huge and requires a lots of hard work and dedication.If you have a passion of writing something, or have a knowledge of something unique that people would love to read and get informed about then you must start a blog .

Below are the Modules of this guide ”How to start a blog in 30 minutes” by Om Hiware

Table of Content

how to start a blog in 30 minutes
How to start a blog and make money –

1.Selecting a Niche for your blog

Selecting niche for your blog
Niche In the simple words means the Topic of your Blog, selecting a niche clearly means the selection of Topic on which you will be blogging about .

Why would I select a topic man when I can blog about anything?

You can blog about anything but everyday 7 million blog posts are published so it's better to choose a piece of this marketing rather than whole of it, The niche must be chosen carefully as a lot of bloggers fails only because they choose a wrong niche and are not able to write something new on that topic or they don't expertise that topic.

Selection of niche should be done by ensuring the Profit, Traffic and Your expertise in that niche.Traffic in the digital language means the amount of users visiting your site.

 Types of Niche

Broad niche: The niche is huge and covering a big topic within itself example : Education is a broad niche as it covers a lots of topics within itself blogs niche is Technology and they publish almost everything that comes under .

Micro niche: This niche is small and covers a specific Topic example : Mathematics tutorials for 6 standard is a micro niche that only focuses on maths for 6 standard kids.

Multi-niche: Multiple niche is covered by a single site usually personal sites example : Cooking + travel + cars everything on a single blog seems to be unprofessional right!

So which niche is better among the above types

Broad niche covers a huge topic and also receives a large number of visitors that makes good profit but they are difficult to cover because theirs competition among almost all the niche.Broad niche are easy to start but requires some time to get the results .This is a highly profitable type of niche.

Micro niche are very easy to focus and shows faster results than broad niche as you will be targeting a small piece of market but they are highly targeted.usally micro niche blogs shows faster results in short time.but the draw back of this niche type is it's limited as you will be focusing on a little group of people and only that people will be visiting your blog that ultimately limits your blog 

So have you decided which type of niche to choose, I suggest to choose a broad or a micro niche according to your expertise in that topic.And don't go with multiple niche as you will end up disappointed receiving no traffic and no money because it's always better to focus on one thing.

Choosing a Niche

Choosing a niche seems to be very easy but be a little careful and keep in the mind this 3 Factors

  • Your experience and expertise in the topic
  • The popularity of topic 
  • Profit in the topic

The first factor you should consider is your experience in the topic(niche) you are going to choose, As you should have enough knowledge on that topic so that you will be able to write blog without searching for hours .

The second most important factor is the popularity of that niche , You are going to write blog for people , what if theirs no one really interested in reading your blog it's just a waste of time for you.So always select a niche that is popular enough so people will find it out. You can use buzzsumo to find out the popularity of topic .

Majority of bloggers aim to make huge money from their blogs, So try to choose a highly profitable niche or a medium profitable niche so that you get the maximum amount of money from your blog.

Hope you would have find a niche for your blog, But hold on there's a lot more to learn so keep reading.

2.Choosing Best Cms for your site

There are a dozens of Cms (content management system) available on the internet so which is the best pick for your Blog/site?

Choosing a best cms for my site

A Cms makes it easier for anyone to build and manage site with easy without knowing to code a single line.Lets compare the best Cms .

WordPress is a free open source Cms used by 37.8% of site owners, bloggers and is the most loved cms among all the available one's, However you need a hosting and domain name for using .Wordpress has 50,000+ plugins and thousands of Themes that helps make your work easy , most of them are free .

  • Free and open source Cms ,Easy to use and Search engine friendly with a lots of Addons ,plugins and themes
  • You have a full control over your site from Seo,protection to security everything is in your hands.
  • You need a Custom domain and Hosting to use WordPress. is a choice of Millions of bloggers and professionals that can’t be wrong ,people gets confuse among and but they are different is another cms that I don’t recommend because of its limited features.


wix is another Cms which has both a free and paid plan ,However free plan comes with a ugly domain with wix branding and a paid plan is good but is the best

  • Beginners friendly drag and drop site builder
  • Easy to use
  • free plan Sucks with Wix branding and (example) domain name 
  • paid plan is limited you have to pay more to use all the features
  • less customisable options and less features
  • no plugins and themes like 
  • You are limited 

with a lot of cons I recommend you not to go with wix as you will surely return to again if you are a serious blogger.


Blogger is a free cms owned by Google that allows users to create blogs ,however you can use a custom domain name and also go with a free (example) domain name ,Like wix blogger is also owned by some company and we don’t own the blog and if you restrict some policy they will instantly delete your blog so it’s better to be your own boss and go with it’s a non profit organisation so you are purely the owner of your blog

  • Free and Easy to use for extreme beginners
  • Good platform for those who don’t have a passion for blogging
  • Good for those who just want to waste time writing some stuff that have a very little chances of getting seen on google.
  • Limited fetures and less options to customise blog appearance 
  • You don’t own your blog 

A lot of bloggers suggest readers to first go with blogger and then switch to but really it waste a lots of your time so I recommend you to go with WordPress.

3.Domain name and hosting

Choosing domain name and hosting
Choosing a Domain name and hosting is an important part while starting a blog.

Domain name

Domain name: The name that people will type in browser to visit your Blog, If your site/blog is the house then Domain name is the address for that house.example: is my Blogs domain name usually browsers encodes it like where .com is the domain extension for my blog. I suggest you to use a Top level Domain extension like .com or .net .As they are generic domain extensions search engines shows your site globally.

  • .com : Top level Generic domain extension (suggested for everyone)
  • .org : Top level domain extension (suggested for organisations especially none profit)
  • .tech : Top level Domain extension (Recommended for tech geeks and related industry)

You should choose a domain name that is short, related to your niche, Easy to remember 

You can check out That if your desired Domain name is available or already taken from the below Domain name checker tool.

Already decided to buy your Domain name ! Wait we have a Amazing offer for our readers .You will get a free Domain name for 12 months keep reading to know how?


Hosting: Hosting is a server that works 24/7 all the times, This is the server where your sites files like HTML pages, images, videos, etc should be stored in order to make a fully functional blog that visitors can access whenever they need.This is a house for your blog.

Hosting are of many types

  • Shared Hosting: The resources of a server are shared among many users at the same time, shared hosting are cheap and beginner friendly.
  • Vps : Virtual private server , where you will be using a part of a server with dedicated resources for your site,Recommended for professionals 
  • Dedicated hosting: The whole server is dedicated for you.full access to resources and usually recommended for huge companies , This hosting costs more. 

So you may have chosen a domain name but what about hosting which one is best ?

We have researched for hours and found out the best Among all , we have also partnered with the hosting company to provide you Discount on your Purchase with free Domain name for a year.

Bluehost Hosting Benefits 

  • Free Domain name for a year
  • Cheapest price (no competition)
  • 24/7 expert live support
  • Free Ssl and Cdn 
  • Recommended by
  • Used by almost all the professional bloggers
  • One of the oldest And most trusted Hosting companies

Bluehost is the best Hosting company for beginners and growing sites with 15+ years of experience that makes them better than any other web hosting.Bluehost has been also recommend by , Most of the beginners looks for a budget friendly, fast, 24/7 support and Bluehost is the one that are you looking for .

Bluehost shared hosting price

Bluehost Basic shared hosting plan is Awesome that comes with 50GB sdd (it's more than enough for any blog) The Basic shared hosting will cost you $7.99 / month But if you purchase through our special link you get the same hosting at a price of  $3.95/month .Thats a very cheap investment that you will make and may probably be the best investment that will return you thousands of dollars.

Ssd: The solid state drive is simply the Amount of storage you can use on that hosting package

Bandwith : The amount of data transferred by your site,Example: A blog post of 1mb if visited by 1000 users then your site consumes 1000 mb of bandwidth.

Bluehost also provides their users a free domain name with the hosting package so let’s see how to buy Domain and hosting 

Visit Bluehost through our link to get a additional 60% Discount on your purchase

Select the Basic plan by clicking on the Select button.Then you will land on a page where you need to select a Domain name , choose your domain name and extension that you are going to use for your Blog.

Select and buy a free domain name with

You can also use a Domain you already own by pointing it's nameservers to bluehost or skip this process and choose later.Here in the above image omhiware is the Domain name and .com is the domain extension .

Fill the account information form

You need to fill all the above information correctly in the form and then choose the plan for your your account 12,24,36 months .The longer your plan is the better it is , because if you choose a shorter plan then you need to pay for the renewal price after the expiry , I recommend you to buy Hosting for at least for 2-3 years so that you save more

Choose and final the hosting

Uncheck all the unnecessary addons , Remember to add a domain privacy + protection addon because 30,000 new websites are hacked everyday so it's Better to spend a $0.99/month than loosing whole of your site, mostly hackers target new sites and hijack them .

Bluehost shared hosting purchase final step

The last step is to complete your purchase , You can use Credit card or Paypal to pay for the purchase.The payment process is simple and fast , As soon as your order is confirmed by the bluehost you will receive an email invoice and now you will be having an access to Bluehost dashboard from where you need to manage your site.

Get 60% discount on Bluehost

To activate the 60% discount on your hosting purchase click on the activate offer button and you will be taken to the offer page .

Om Hiware

Iam a student and a part time blogger and a freelancer I have a 1 year + experience in Blogging,Web development and marketing .


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