PopCash Review 2021, Cpm rates, Pros and cons, is it worth it?

Pop cash review

Popcash.net is a popular Popunder advertising network for publishers and advertisers ,Started in 2012 reached over 1 million daily visitors within one year of starting , By 2015 they were receiving over 500 million + monthly visitors and made their name into the alexas Global Top 500 websites.

Well Popunder advertising may be a irritating for the visitors but when used with a good strategy can turn out to be a more profitable ad format than the classic banner ads.PopCash.net deals only with Popunder ads (Tabunder and Popup).

Minimum traffic Requirement : Popcash does not have any minimum traffic requirement, all types of publishers are accepted
Approval time : Popcash team usually takes less than an hour to approve your website(s) but if you have submitted your website on weekends it may takes more time than usual
Minimum Payout : When you have $10 in Balance you can withdraw your Earnings, We have listed all the available payment methods below .
Support team : 24/7 live support chat is provided, Support team is Friendly and Professional
Daily Payments for publishers
PopCash (High cpm)
PopCash is the best and high Cpm Popunder network

Getting started as a publisher only takes a few minutes 

  • Register for a publisher account here
  • Add your website
  • Place the provided code on your site

It usually takes less than a hour for the Popcash team to approve or disapprove your website, Majority of the websites are being approved unless they are illegal or harmful in anyway (even adult website owners can use popCash).After Appoval you can then generate code from the dashboard it shows you 2 option whether to generate the Tabunder ad code or a Popup ad code 

Tab under ad : When user clicks on any component on your site a tab is silently opened under the current tab without disturbing the user.

Popup ad : When user clicks on any component a overlay tab is opened above the users current tab 

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Tab Under is highly recommended because it does not disturbs the users experience unlike Pop up which gets a lots of attention but distracts the user.

After Generating the code you can place it anywhere between the starting <body> and ending body </body> tags.If you want the Advertisements to show on every page then add the code into your theme. As a total beginner who do not want to mess with the code you can use the Popcash official WordPress plugin Download it from the official WordPress directory or click here to download 

PopCash Ads 

Important note : Popcash has a frequency capping on Advertisement so any visitor will see the ad only once in a 24 hour time frame.

PopCash Cpm Rates 

Popcash has a Good Cpm rates for all the countries

CountryCpm Rates
United states$1.8 – $3
Sweden$2.5 – $5
UK,Canada, Germany $1.6 – $3
Asian countreis$0.3 – $2
India$0.4 – $1
PopCash (High cpm)
PopCash is the best and high Cpm Popunder network

The above Cpm rates are an average of what I have received from Popcash.Cpm depends on many factors like visitors Geography, Device type, network, browser type and many more.Popcash passes 80% of advertising campaigns money to publishers .

Popcash also monetizes Vpn/Proxy traffic at a very good Cpm rates, (which is around $0.3)

If you get a mixed traffic from many countries your average Cpm rates will be around $0.6 – $2 which is quiet good .

Which Website type perform best 

Pop Cash can be used on any website (whether it's a content based/blog , online Tools , Adult/tube websites , Download websites like Mp3 , video , converter or any websites)

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Payout Rates and options

Paypal $ 10 2% (up to $1)
Paxum $ 10 1 $
 Skrill $ 10 1%
WebMoney $ 10 1%
Payoneer $ 50 n/a
Bitcoin $ 150 n/a
Ethereum $ 150 n/a
Ripple $ 10 n/a
Litecoin $ 10 n/a

You will get paid on daily basis if you have minimum amount required for payout with the specific payment method.Popcash have crypto payouts which makes it easier to receive money worldwide into your favorite crypto wallet .You don't need any bank account in order to receive crypto payments, Exchanges like Binance let you create an account with just an email.

Popcash payment proof

Popcash referral Program 

You can promote Popcash on your Website, youtube videos and social media, Whenever a publisher registers through your referral link you will Get 10% of Referred members lifetime Earnings.

You can make some extra cash by their referral program, Even if you refer 20 members who earns $200 as monthly ad revenue you make $400 every month .

  • High Cpm rates (high fill rate)
  • Daily Payments
  • $10 minimum Payout
  • 24/7 live support
  • Easy and fast approval process
  • No option to change frequency capping
  • No back URL option for unsold traffic

PopCash for Advertisers

Popcash is a best available Ad network for advertisers to buy popunder traffic at affordable prices.

The minimum deposit amount is just $5 which makes it a great feature for advertisers as they can try Popcash with a amout as small as $5 .Advertisers can deposit through Paypal, Payoneer, paxum, skrill , webmoney and crypto currency.

Advertisers gets a lots of features to filter out the traffic and only buy the required traffic, filter by country, by device , browser, operating system and language gives a lots of flexibility to buy the narrow targeted visitors for your websites.

The minimum bid amount advertisers can set is $0.0002 per Popunder, which is $0.2 Cpm which is quiet affordable, Their is a traffic inventory tab in the PopCash dashboard which recommended the minimum bid and traffic inventory by country which is a great feature .If you set a bid of $0.0002 and target the country on which average bid is high you are less likely to get any visitors so it’s better to go through the traffic inventory tables and then start creating your campaign.

Options like daily budget, total budget and day parting makes PopCash it first choice for Popunder advertisers .

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